I write articles for newspapers, magazines and online publications. There’s a selection of my work on this site – plus new content, posted regularly. I write, too, about wine at

I create or contribute to all sorts of projects; I’ll publish some of them here, from time to time. I facilitate a lot of public ‘in-conversation’ sessions with writers and artists at festivals, forums, conferences and events.


Here are just some of the people with whom I’ve been lucky enough to share a stage and a microphone:

  • Journalist and author, Andrew Rule
  • Children’s author, Andy Griffiths
  • Three-time AFL Premiership player and community leader, Bachar Houli
  • Writer and comedian, Catherine Deveny
  • Satirist, Craig Reucassel
  • Columnist and comedian, Danny Katz
  • Broadcaster, Francis Leach
  • Journalist and author, George Negus
  • Actor, activist and Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Jack Charles
  • Satirist and author, John Clarke (pictured, left of image)
  • Satirist, author and documentary maker, John Safran
  • Director and CEO ACMI, Katrina Sedgwick
  • Author, Kerry Greenwood
  • Author and former Australian federal MP, Lindsay Tanner
  • Journalist and author, Martin Flanagan
  • Photographer, Matt Irwin
  • Cartoonist, Michael Leunig
  • Cartoonist, Oslo Davis
  • Former AFL Premiership player and coach, Peter Schwab
  • Director Science Gallery Melbourne, Rose Hiscock
  • Author, Shane Maloney
  • Author, Tony Birch
  • Actor and author, William McInnes

News from The Fridge: a year in the working life of the State Library of Victoria
Published by the State Library of Victoria, 2009
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Enter the dance: essays, poems, pieces (1998-2008)
Real Flowers Publishing, 2008
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Melbourne 1900-01: The Federation Years
Real Flowers Publishing, 2008
($13 – request copy via

Connies (with Neale Duckworth)
Published by the State Library of Victoria, 1999
(Out of stock; copies available in State Library collection)

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